IT Lines Software Development - Access & SQL databases - Automate and link Word, Excel, Outlook & Access

Increase Profits and Lower your Costs

IT Lines develops a wide range of software solutions ranging from bespoke office based databases utilising Microsoft Access to on-line web databases with ASP.NET and SQL.

  • Many companies and organisations are running their business and administration using Excel spreadsheets. When this becomes unmanageable it is time to convert the spreadsheet to a powerful multi-user Access Database. Ring 07776 498763 today and IT Lines will be pleased to quote for converting your business critical spreadsheets into a fast multi-user Microsoft Access database.

  • Achieve much much more from your investment in Microsoft Office & other programs. You can save your company hours of time every week by getting all the different systems talking to each other - Connect them up

  • Avoid erroneous data caused by re-keying from one system to another - e.g. Many organisations manually read information from web sites every day and then type that same data into their database - Link them up and automate the whole process

In addition to business process automation, we also design and create many database and web site solutions - see our recent projects page for examples.


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